Grady Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Shirts That Cook! My father-in-law, Frank Grady was a sharp dresser! He always wore button down shirts and dress pants. When he passed away a day before he turned 98, I decided to keep his shirts and sweaters to create some memory keepsakes for the family. I surprised my sister-in-laws with these aprons on Easter. They are both fun and…


Un-tie to Thrive

What do you do with dozens of neckties? Sharon wanted to have custom artwork created from her husband and father-in-law's neckties to honor their memory. The artwork is 52" square. It has a wooden frame that has charcoal grey wool suiting fabric stretched on it.  The neckties are all sewed on to the fabric by hand so that none of…


Twists and Turns!

Do you want to cherish your memories in a special way?  Keyla and her mom Jennifer came to me with a huge bag filled with T-Shirts, sweatshirts and leotards that represented 14 years of her life.  Keyla started gymnastics as a 4 year old and now as a freshman in college, she is a coach.  A knee injury cut her…

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