memory keepsakes

Some of Pat’s most rewarding work comes when she is asked to
 design something unique to honor the memory of a loved one.

Where to Begin?

Pat collaborates with you to create a treasure that tells the story of your loved one’s life. It may be a memory quilt to commemorate graduation or a pillow to honor a loved one that has passed on. The information gathering process is often a healing time as it gives you an opportunity to share your recollections and be part of the final design decisions. Below are some are some ideas to help you get the creative juices flowing. The possibilities are endless!

Tons of T-Shirts?

T-Shirts are a basic item that many people collect over the years. They may be from youth sports teams, camps, vacations or concerts. As a collection, they can tell the story of someone’s life. Pat has used T-shirts to make quilts, pillows, scarves, belts and even coasters!

Surrounded by Sweaters?

Sweaters come in so many colors, fabrics and textures that they are a great choice to create a memory keepsake. Wool sweaters can be felted (washed in hot water) to make a very warm fabric that can be used in hats, scarves, mittens and coats. Other great ideas include handbags, pillows, and belts.

Knots of Neckties?

Neckties are so beautiful and unique they provide a great resource to create beautiful works of art. Although men no longer wear as many neckties, you still can find many of them hanging in the back of the closet, just waiting to be made into something wonderful! Pat has made a wide variety of items out of neckties including: quilts, pillows, handbags, vests, wallets, kippahs and wall art.

Dozens of Dress Shirts?

Dress shirts have so many details, it is a great garment to use in keepsakes. It is a natural for pillows because you can use the buttons to take out the pillow insert for laundering. A fun item that Pat has created out of dress shirts is an apron. She used her father-in-laws dress shirts to make aprons for the women in the family. 

Wondering About Wedding Dresses?

Wedding dresses hold such special memories, but what do you do with them after the big day? Pat has created many different items from wedding dresses that turn them into a keepsake that can be passed down from generation to generation. Baptismal gowns, handbags, ring pillows, and a shrug to name a few.