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Un-tie to Thrive

What do you do with dozens of neckties?


Sharon wanted to have custom artwork created from her husband and father-in-law’s neckties to honor their memory.

The artwork is 52″ square. It has a wooden frame that has charcoal grey wool suiting fabric stretched on it.  The neckties are all sewed on to the fabric by hand so that none of the stitches are visible from the front side. 

The initial thought was to have them very straight and orderly, much like they would be on a color wheel or a quilt block. 

As I was laying out the neckties, they seemed to want to twist, turn, and expand.  They were reaching for more, wanting to grow and THRIVE!

My Visual Journal was a helpful tool in the process of designing this piece.  I used it to sketch some ideas and also dig deep to understand the meaning behind the art.  Here is what I wrote “I have been thinking a lot about letting go or “un-tieing” from the things that are holding me back in my life.  It is hard- it is easier to be safe and secure, but is very freeing to let go and THRIVE!”

Sharon was very touched by the piece, she says it brings back such wonderful memories.