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Out of Darkness… Into the Light

Mom's Leather Coat is Transformed!

My beautiful daughter, Bliss, is modeling this coat that was created from my Mom’s black leather coat from the 1980’s. It originally had dolman sleeves, large shoulder pads and buttoned up the front. If you look closely you will find this scripture verse “hidden” in the design…

I am the light of the world, whoever follows me will never walk in darkness but will have the light of life.    John 8:12
This passage of scripture is the inspiration for this coat. Not only is it the inspiration, but it is actually spelled out in the quilted strips on the coat. 

The base fabric of the strip is silver ironing board cover fabric that was sun-dyed with black & silver. The letters were created from reclaimed fabrics from neckties, sweaters, and other found materials. I wanted the strips to have an art-deco feel, yet spell out the words from the scripture passage.

I created this coat for my Wearable Art Group “Value of Contrast” project. Whenever I wear the coat it provides an opportunity for me to share my love of the Lord with all those who see it and appreciate it.