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Mom’s Memory Jacket

A Special Mother's Day Gift

Mother’s Day 2007, I created a special gift for my mom. An article of clothing was collected from each of my family members (26 in all). A portion of each item was used to create this unique jacket. In addition, each person write a note to my mom to tell her why they wanted this particular item in her jacket and it was included it in a photo album. 

Rather than mail the jacket to my mom in Iowa, I decided to spend a special weekend with her. We had an amazing time going through many things in her closet and sharing great memories and lots of laughs. 

When I gave her the jacket she thought it was beautiful and held a great deal of meaning. She hung it up in her room at the home where she lived and had to tell everyone the story about the jacket. Unfortunately, she never had the opportunity to wear the jacket because she passed away just one week later at the age of 90. 

My mom was an amazing woman, full of encouragement, inspiration and an extremely hard work ethic. Every time I wear the jacket, I feel closer to her and the rest of the members of my family.