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Can’t part with old concert T-shirts?

We are the Music Makers... and We are the Dreamers of Dreams

My friend Ronda has lost a lot of weight and her favorite concert T-shirts were too big, but she just couldn’t part with them. Recently she created a “Music Room” in her home where she can practice her mandolin, drums, keyboard or just hang out and listen to music. What better place to showcase concert T-shirts than in a Music Room?  

Ronda decided that a wall quilt would be a wonderful way to enjoy her concert T-shirts on a daily basis. Since Ronda is a graphic production artist, I knew that she would want to be involved in the design of the wall art. I was coming up with all sorts of ideas of how we could make the shirts work into the shape of a treble clef or something curvy and fun when Ronda said, “I really like squares”… As a production artist, everything she creates needs to be extremely precise, so it only made sense that the wall art would reflect her design style and would be neat and orderly. 

I asked Ronda if there was a quote that had special meaning to her and she said that she loved this quote from Willy Wonka, ” We are the Music Makers… and We are the Dreamer of Dreams” I thought it was perfect to incorporate into the art. Since Ronda deals with fonts in her career, I asked her to choose the font and I would put it on a T-shirt. The font that Ronda chose also has special meaning, it is the one she used on her parents gravestone. 

When I create custom art for someone I want it to be about them or the person they are honoring. I am just the conduit to make their vision a reality, I love it when I complete a piece and the client says it is exactly what they wanted. That is when I know I have done my job.

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