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What do you do with 475 neckties?

Jim Dandy Duvet

Jim Dandy Duvet on a Wall
Jim's ties neatly organized in his closet
Back side of Jim Dandy Duvet - Jim's Shirts
Lynn's Handbag made out of ties

When Lynn contacted me and said that she had a couple hundred of her husband’s neckties, I thought she was exaggerating. But actually she wasn’t, she had 475! (I had my daughter count them). The neckties were beautifully displayed in the closet where her husband kept them. All of them on small wooden pegs arranged in color order. Each one was more beautiful than the next. 

Lynn wanted to have a quilt made out of them, which I knew needed to be very neat, orderly and arranged by color to honor Jim and the pride he had in his neckties. I decided that I wanted to use a portion of every necktie that she had given me. The weaving technique was a great way to really showcase the neckties and use a large quantity. There are a total of 391 ties in the duvet cover with the rest of them incorporated into shams, pillows and a handbag. The back side of the duvet cover is made out of Jim’s beautiful dress shirts. The duvet was named “Jim Dandy” because Jim was always such a sharp dresser and wore his beautiful ties daily.