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Wondering about Wedding Dresses?

3 Beautiful Dresses & a Dance Costume

Wedding dresses hold such special meaning, but unfortunately many times end up in a box in the back of a closet. My cousin Carol had 3 wedding dresses tucked away (hers, her moms and her mother-in-laws) and she wanted to have something special created for her daughter Nici’s wedding. 

We decided that if we took a small part off of each dress, we could incorporate all of them into one beautiful handbag keepsake for Nici. She also had a skirt from Nici’s senior dance costume that was used for the lining of the bag and vintage jewelry that was used for the handle. 

For the day, Nici’s something “borrowed” was a watch fob my grandmother (Nici’s great grandmother) wore on her wedding day. So this unique handbag captured the memories of 5 beautiful brides!

The handbag has such special meaning for Nici she has it on her dresser where she can appreciate it every day!

Paternal Grandmother's Dress
Maternal Grandmother's Dress
Mother's (Carol) Wedding Dress
Nici's Senior Dance Costume
Carol's Vintage Jewelry
Nici's bag front
Nici's bag inside