Video or No Video?

Are you a Visual Learner?

If I am going to learn something new, I would much rather have someone show me how to do it rather than read it in a book or just tell me.  I guess that is the artist in me.  I know that other people learn differently, so as I am planning to launch my Visual Journaling experiences on-line this fall, I am checking out many options for presenting this wonderful tool to help people take an inner journey or simply have a safe space to practice being creative.

Video Conferencing

One of the options I am considering is Video Conferencing.  I love the idea that I could actually see and talk to people in my classes from all over the world . I could see the excitement in their eyes or that look of confusion, just like I would if they were in my studio.   I just think that would be so amazing– it is sort of like “THE JETSEN’S”.  Ok, now I am dating myself, but as a kid I remember watching the Jetsens and being amazed at that they had video telephones- it seemed so futuristic and now we have them!

Wow We Video Demonstration Today! 

I am planning to participate in a Video Conferencing Demonstration today at 2:00 Central time. Here is the link:

Everyone is welcome to check it out. – it is FREE.  If you can’t make the call but are interested in learning more , there are some great videos from WowWe that explain their capabilities

Cliff Note Version

Ok so I have already acknowledged that people learn differently, for those of you who are more the bullet point learners- “Just the Facts ” (like on Dragnet) here are the highlights:

- People who are participants in a video conference don’t need to join or sign up on WowWe, it is FREE

- If particpants don’t have a webcam capabilities, they can watch the video, but won’t be seen on the video conference, they will just type their questions into the computer

- They recommend a headset or earbuds to reduce feedback, but no other special equipment is required

- People who want to use this service of video conferencing, video emails, and teleconferencing can join and just pay a monthly fee of $20

- People who want a more robust program with lots of different capabilities can pay a one time fee of $75 – $175 (depending on services) and $20 per month

- It is an affiliate program so if you recommend this to someone and they sign up, you can earn money- there is a entire grid, but I haven’t gotten in to all of that yet

- There is so much more, but you will need to either join the video conference this afternoon or check out the video.

Your Opinion Please

I would love to hear from you on the type of learner you are- visual, audio, read from a book so as I am designing my on-line experiences for the fall, I can take all types of learning into consideration.  Also, I have NOT signed up for WowWe yet, I am still checking it out, so if you know anything about it GOOD OR BAD, please let me know!


4 thoughts on “Video or No Video?

  1. I am definitely a visual, get-to-the-point (love bullet points!), hands-on learner: videos are great if they aren’t too long. When I see a video that says 16 minutes, I get twitchy before I start and end up doing other things while the vid is running.

    • Christine:
      Thanks for you feedback. I agree with you, I don’t want to watch someone going on and on and never making their point. This is such good advise as I am just starting to think about how I am going to present my videos.

  2. I am an exception, I’m sure. I learn all different ways. But, I have a problem with video and audio-unless the provider worked just a little harder.
    I read about 1300 wpm. I can listen about 500 wpm. I detest having to listen at 100-150 wpm. My time is more valuable than that- and if I lost my place, I can always go back (like if a phone call came in).
    On top of that, video and audio is distracting in an office environment- to others, who don’t want to listen…
    Roy A. Ackerman, Ph.D., E.A. recently posted..$%$#@!!%&*(- OR Smile?My Profile

    • Roy:
      Thanks for your comments- I am sure you just tap your toe waiting for the people to get the words out faster or want to finish their sentences for them! I think the key to on line classes is to provide the information in various formats so that people can choose the one that works best for them. Maybe there is an introductory video that gives an overview and a “lay of the land” so people can determine the best way for them to get the information. Wow, I am really glad I posted this blog, I am getting all sorts of ideas of how to format this on-line experience that I wouldn’t have thought of on my own.

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