Find Beauty in Burdens


This was the Winter Wonderland we woke up to yesterday morning!  Overnight Mother Nature had dropped a beautiful white blanket of heavy snow.  It was one of those really wet snows that bend tree branches to the breaking point.  As I looked out in to my wooded back yard I was reminded of the day just over 23 years ago when we bought the lot that our house is built on.  It was a snowy January day in 1989 and we were out looking at lots with a real estate agent.  For some crazy reason, I hadn’t worn boots that day, but the agent told us we really needed to walk back into the lot to appreciate the beauty.  We trudged through the snow toward the back of the lot where it was heavily wooded- but in the center of the lot where our house now sits, there was a clearing.  As we looked toward the woods, the snow had started to come down very hard and it was so beautiful that it looked like a Christmas card.  If we hadn’t accepted the burden of trudging through the snow, we wouldn’t have ever experienced the amazing beauty of our back yard.  The interesting part of the story is that we had actually looked at this lot  a couple of weeks earlier – but we never got out of the car and walked to the back of the lot. 

There have been many, many times over the years that I have appreciated the wonder of our back yard after a snow storm.  For some reason yesterday I was drawn to really go out and soak up this amazing gift of nature (this time I put my boots on).  I didn’t focus on how heavy the snow was, or how difficult it was going to be to shovel or drive in, instead I wanted to appreciate it’s beauty. 

It really made me think that we need to FIND BEAUTY IN BURDENS.   Even though it may be difficult at the time, we need to look past our every day burdens to see the bigger picture and how those burdens can help us to seek out the really wonderful parts of life that we might otherwise miss. Those branches that we almost touching the ground yesterday because they were so heavy with snow, have bounced back.  They are are standing tall and upright again.   I would love to hear about ways that you found beauty in burdens, you can post your comments below.