Learn from those who have gone before…



Who has traveled the same path?

I have recently started taking walks in the morning down to a park near my house.  Since winter in Minnesota means snow (although we haven’t had much this year), I see all sorts of footprints, both human and non-human in the snow.  For some reason I started thinking about the people that had walked on this path before me.  What were they thinking?  What could I learn from them?  Then I wondered what could I share with others who come after me?

What if we were fellow travelers?

If we go through life sharing our experiences with others, what would that change?  Not that one person always has to lead, but that it is a role that moves back and forth.  At times I learn from others and then they can learn from me.  I know that I have started finding more women like me, they are wanting more out of life.  They want to explore their true purpose and it is amazing what we are learning from each other.

Learn from the people who have gone before… even if that person was me

I was talking with one of my new friends this week and I was telling her about this experience with the path and the foot prints.  I am not sure why I even said it, but I said that it is so cool that we can learn from those people who have gone before – even if that person was me!  Too many times I learn something and promptly forget it.  I need to pay more attention so I can learn from my own experiences.

Be a fellow traveler and explore the possibilities!

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