Do you doodle?

Do you doodle?

Why do we doodle?

Were you one of those kids who had the front of every notebook filled with doodles?  One of my most vivid memories of doodling was when I would be at the bar of my family’s tavern talking with my dad after school or in the summer.  I would sit there with a plain cocktail napkin and see if I could draw or duplicate the logo from a beer can, cigar package, gum wrapper… whatever happened to be in front of me.  Many times I would just doodle and make lots of neat shapes and designs.  I have never really thought much about doodling until now, it is something I have just always done.


Yesterday I was cleaning off the table in my studio to work on a quilt when I found the paper towel I had doodled on while I was on a conference call the night before.   I picked it up and put it in the wastebasket and then I realized what I had done – so I took it back out.  This was something I needed to put in my Visual Journal and write about.  Today I wrote that doodling is very FREEING (I put the word in black bold marker).  I don’t have to stay inside the lines, I get to create the lines.  Wherever my pen, marker or pencil takes me I get to explore.  I find that most of the time the shapes I create are very curvy and graceful.  They are designs that are great beginnings for my next projects.

What are your doodles telling you?

Is there some fun creative energy inside that wants to come out?  Let that energy out to play through your doodles. Remember you get to create the lines, you don’t have to stay inside of them!

I’d love to see your doodles

Take a picture of your doodles and add them to this post, I would love to see what you do.  Who knows, we could start a club “Doodlers Do it Best!”


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