Are you open to change?

Have you ever felt stuck?

Sometimes it is hard to get out of the rut or routine of our everyday lives.  It easier to keep doing what we always do, because it isn’t as scary, it is safe.  But you know that there is that old saying, “If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always got” (or something like that).

What if you opened a door that you hadn’t ever opened before, and that brought about change.  Would you be open to that change or close that door as fast as you can? I am choosing to open many new doors and using these opportunities to explore new possibilities for my life. 

Today, I am working with my friend to write curriculum for my Visual Journal Journey.  It is an exploration that is taken using a blank sketch book as your map or guide.  That might sound a little funny, how can a book that is blank be a guide?  You have probably guessed, the process of filling the sketchbook so that it becomes a guide is what I want to be able to share with others. The photo you see above is my entry for today.  The magazine page I had torn out with the headline- “Open to Change” gave me the idea for my journal and this blog today.

A Visual Journal is a wonderful place to practice being creative and store all of your inner most thoughts and ideas.  It is a space or container for you to be you!  No judging allowed, there is no right or wrong way to do it.  It is not about creating beautiful artwork, although what you create may be artistic….  It is a place where you can explore what if…

One of the key ingredients to get the most out of this practice is to pair it with something you already do everyday- your morning cup of coffee or tea, I do mine after I come back from my morning walk.  You choose the time and place so it becomes something that you “get” to do, not “have” to do.

I will continue to share more about my Visual Journal Journey and in the near future will be offering opportunities for you to discover your inner most thoughts and feelings by opening new doors through on-line and in-studio explorations. Stay tuned, I know it is going to be an amazing journey!

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